Eloping in the Great Smoky Mountains...

I cannot say enough great things about eloping in the great smoky mountains. It is breathtaking! There are so many lookout points with mountains clouding your background, making for a great backdrop for your elopement! Not only is eloping in the great smoky mountains beautiful but it also is really great if you don't have an endless budget because there is so much nature to explore!

My biggest piece of advice for eloping in the smokies is to do an all day thing! Drive through some of the main roads in the park, some high points for sunrise and then do photos at waterfalls and stop at some pretty trails, and then for sunset end back at your cabin getting photos in the hot tub with your hubby/wifey.


Almost every elopement I have done in the smoky mountains has been us all jam packed in a car, driving random park roads and pulling over when we saw a beautiful lookout, waterfall, even snow!

You don't have to elope and take pictures and be done, adventure! Find cool spots to explore for photos, jump in a lake or rainfall in your wedding dress, or if its winter jump in the snow! Wedding photos don't have to be boring, bring some probs or ask your photographer if they have any fun ideas!

Then after your formal elopement pics, take your dress off, throw on a bathing suit, and get some spicy honeymoon photos with your significant other!